Change IP Without Speed Loss – Worotex IP Changer 6.9

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024


From time to time there is a situation where you need to change your IP. Moreover, you sometimes need to change the ip and the country. There are lots of lists of proxies for browsers, or programs and proxy lists for you PC. However, there is one big problem: most of the proxies are dead or very slow. And by very slow I mean VERY. An average website loads for five minutes and there is not even worth talking about watching some videos on YouTube or downloading anything. Finally, all those programs are very complex. And even if they aren’t, you need to try out hundreds of proxies before you find one with acceptable speed and location.

Luckily, now there is a solution. A very simple one (it probably would not be possible to have a simplier one). It is called Worotex IP Changer 6.9 and it actually changes your IP withour noticeable speed loss (ok, the internet might get slower, but not by 95%, more like by 15-20% and I believe it is still acceptable).

The program has a huge list of available proxies. You just need to choose a Country and everything else is done by the program: it searches for a proxy located there, checks if it is alive and if the speed is acceptable. It actually does not take more than 30 seconds in each case. I have tried lots of IPs and usually ~5 seconds was enough. So I highly recommend this program for you to try out. I could not find anything better and simplier.

By the way, some “what’s my IP” sites sometimes recognize when you use proxy and show that. With this program the pproblem does not seem to be apparent.

P.S. If you got it from somewhere else, have in mind that versions below 6.0 might not work. Versions above that work like a charm!


1. Run the program. Choose the country and click CHANGE.


2. Wait for a couple of seconds. You will see “NEW IP” when it is ready. Also, it shows the speed.


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9 comments on “Change IP Without Speed Loss – Worotex IP Changer 6.9
  1. ano1 says:

    the best!

  2. alkera says:

    It is amazing! No matter how many times change the IP for the same country, it is always fast and delivers a new unique IP! Best proxy ever!

  3. Mandy says:

    Amazing website :O I like this (and other) programs very much! I am not very good at computers but changing IP with this one was very easy :) Thank you admin! Take care.

  4. hogl says:

    I used to hunt for web proxies for hours and none of them seemed to work normally. And this is automatic and works even better! Unbelievable!

  5. ahahdem says:

    Wow! Never thought such a simple program existed! Props to this blog!

  6. Kaunas says:

    Probably the simpliest program I’ve used so far yet working perfectly. I’ve tested it with my browser (Chrome) and torrent downloads. Seems to work perfectly, the speeds are very good. Would not get such speeds using any other service.

  7. total says:


  8. FAM says:

    yes, working one!

  9. njuw says:

    Wow, it’s really fast!

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