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Updated and tested, Jan 12, 2018

Is my phone unlocked

Imagine you just bought a new iPhone. One of the first questions that usually come to the mind is “is my iphone unlocked?”. And sometimes it is the same with other phones, for example Android. Many services which check for sim-lock, warranty, blacklists and other things cost from a couple of dolars to more than $20 if all the above mentioned features are included. Finally, you need to wait for some hours or days until you receive the information.

Luckily, now we a LITE version of iPhone unlocking software which can provide you the information absolutely for free and for as many times as you want. It also works with some Android phones (like Samsung S series) but you have to check for this yourself.


Just enter the IMEI of your phone and you will find out if the phone is locked, if the warranty is still available and if it is included in any of the blacklists around the world.



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