Microsoft Paint For Mac OS

Updated and tested, Aug 10, 2018


This time I will not go into much details, if you are here you know already what you want: a good old Microsoft Paint for your Mac. For long time it was a pain in the arse to get the program (especially the one from Windows 7). However, I have finally found it. I hope it will be useful to you since it is simple and it’s a shame that Mac doesn’t have such program by default.

Just download the file and follow the instructions, it will run as any other Mac application!

Screenshots and video are below:

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17 comments on “Microsoft Paint For Mac OS
  1. Lavinia says:

    Really. Good old paint. Nothing can beat it for small quick edits

  2. Bennar says:

    wow it works!

  3. wool says:


  4. paint says:

    Da vinci used this lol :D

  5. Make says:

    this just saved my day! the only program I missed from windows

  6. Big says:

    Thanks, really great thing for my mac :)

  7. ilikemspainthahalol says:

    Just what I needed for some simple editing. Cool!

  8. puding says:

    I have just installed this on my mac. As far as I have tested all functions work. The best is that I can save the files because previously I used some older version which was not completely functional.

  9. Kristi says:

    Thank you for this app :) I needed it a lost for some simple stuff and all other apps are too complicated.

  10. Thad Hoffer says:

    Thank you! Nothing can replace the good old paint!

  11. Maxwell says:

    This is nice :) I tried to use other substitutes, but I was too used to the ms paint so I’m glad I found this post!

  12. Classie says:

    I have been browsing for ms paint for mac greater than 3 hours today and only discovered this post now!

  13. Jonas says:

    great program! good old paint! (well, not so old, from windows 7, which is even better).

  14. Jumper says:

    good old paint is back :P i was starting to miss it after i swhitched to mac, now i can enjoy drawing some stuff

  15. anzo says:

    wow, just wow! been looking for this for ages

  16. bricks says:

    this works great guys, just tested!

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