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Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

unlock sim pin

Finally there is a reliable solution how to remove PIN code for your SIM! If you do not remember the code or, say, you have found a SIM card, you can unlock PIN number in two ways:

If you know the number
When you know the number, just enter it (including country code) into the program’s field and click “Unlock”. It will contact necessary servers and do the job automatically. After you see sucess message, just turn on the phone with the SIM card and it will not ask for PIN code anymore!

If you do not know the number
There is also an option to simply use the numbers printed on the card. Search for them and input in the program. Everything else is the same: after several seconds you will unlock your SIM.

The program works in all countries and you do not need to connect the phone to your computer. If you want to set the PIN requirement back on, go to phone settings, input anything in the field for the old number and then choose a new one.


1. Enter the phone number or code on the card. Click “Unlock” and wait.
remove sim pin number

2. Restart your phone with the SIM in it.
unlock sim pin 3

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25 comments on “Unlock (Remove) SIM PIN Code – Xsimlock 2.1
  1. Wei says:

    removed my PIN successfully!

  2. ReySmid says:

    unlocking is a breeze with this one! used it on 3 phones already

  3. Pictsie says:


  4. gulam says:

    Xsimlock FTW! The only one working!

  5. jad says:

    Unlocked successfully!

  6. NFLFAN says:

    it helped me a lot, thanks

  7. 888 says:


  8. iloveyounoreallyido says:

    finally I found this!

  9. pluto says:


  10. genf20 says:

    Mine already asked for PUK, but this program removed it as well :) So I guess you can also remove PUK for cards too :)

  11. Bulbash says:

    Oh yeah this is great! I recommend this program because it really works! And I’ve spend lots of money for various paid non working services before I found this one :)

  12. NFLS says:

    great found!

  13. ball says:

    very easy to unlock the pin codes! thanks!

  14. unlocker says:

    Nice! It worked from the first time!

  15. large says:

    Man, you really helped me in a tough situation! Thanks for this tool!

  16. Novy says:

    worked only after 3 times of trying but still worked! maybe I was doing something wrong

  17. film says:

    still works :) great!

  18. removed says:

    I finally removed it! It was a pain in the arse: I forgot it long time ago and was afraid of turning off my phone, lol ;D

  19. unlocked says:

    I unlocked my sim. Thank you

  20. tony says:

    Absolutely amazing! This was the only tool to help me unlock my SIM and I have tried like 10 of them!

  21. King says:

    Wow! Others ask money for this, luckily I found this site!

  22. Editor says:

    What a great and simple tool!

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