View Private Facebook Photos – Facebook Photo Grabber 0.09 Alpha

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024

View Private Facebook Photos

UPDATE: here is a new, better 1.0 version of this program. We recommend downloading this instead of version 0.09.

Finally! A program which allows you to see everyone’s Facebook photos: not only public or available to friends, but also private! Yes, you heard it right, with this program you can fetch all their photos’ links list and simply view them using your browser or download them to your computer. All you need to do in order to get the photos is download the program (it is in portable version, so there is no need to install it, you can start using FB Photo Grabber right away). Run the program, enter Facebook ID of the person and the program will do the work in under a minute!

1. Run the program. You will see the only input field and button.


2. Go to the profile of the person you want to view photos of and copy their Facebook ID. Example: (this link is not real, but you should get the idea). The ID can be either in numbers or words, it does not matter!


3. Click “GET PHOTOS” and wait. It should not take longer than a minute (even if there are hundreds of photos). You will see a rotating “loading” icon while you are waiting.


4. That’s it! Now you have a full list of person’s photo links and can click any of them to open in your browser. In the example below I’ve tried it with my fake account which I use for advertisement/etc. (as you can see, it has only a few photos). I had only two public photos and two others were hidden, but itworked!


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40 comments on “View Private Facebook Photos – Facebook Photo Grabber 0.09 Alpha
  1. SoF says:

    It works again in 2016! It stopped working for a short period but it works again now, I just tested it.

  2. image says:

    whoever created this is my hero!

  3. Gucci says:

    OMG!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Shune says:

    Wow it really works!

  5. jayke says:

    oh i see why its the most popular program on this site, lol :D

  6. Vince says:

    thank you very very very very very much!

  7. DwJn says:

    hehe this is fun :—)

  8. kartoshka says:

    It still works… Many thanks!

  9. avish says:

    still works!

  10. eggy says:

    I can see why this is the most popular post, lol :D

  11. Pretty says:

    I didn’t think people have so much hidden photos and videos in their profiles!

  12. ato says:

    amazing, this is a real treasure! guys, use it while its still working

  13. NKG says:

    It works! Cool!

  14. kasy says:

    this is so fun :P

  15. joejoe says:

    This still works! I hope it doesn’t get fixed :)

  16. candly says:

    yeah works this is amazing!

  17. Clue says:

    Hey, it still works like a charm! I am using it right now and just wanted to say thanks!

  18. Kitkat says:

    Aaaand it still works! Perfect!

  19. Bob Builder says:

    Great program! Maybe their is an app on iphone for this?

  20. spidus says:

    I can confirm that it still works! I thought oppositely at first, but all I needed to do was to restart the PC.

  21. lista says:

    good you’re bringing us some real stuff! other sites on google are full of non working bullcrap. lucky that finally find this one!

  22. Danux says:

    brilliant program, very simple to use :-)

  23. GO says:

    Thank you for the program and instructions: they are straight to the point.

  24. P O says:

    great! now excuse me, going to delete all MY private photos before somebody else uses this program, haha

  25. Goo says:

    thank you very much!

  26. keaton says:


  27. EL says:


    btw, the song is Ellie Goulding – Lights

  28. keaton says:

    What is the name of the song in the video.

    Thanks guys

  29. tsee says:

    nice! it also xtracts videos links and if the person has tons of them it kinda floods the output with those useless links. but thats !minor issue, the most important part that pictures work like a charm!

  30. Tats says:

    works ty
    would be nice to see one for MAC maybe there is some way to launch it?
    anyway ty again, great stuff

  31. shamel says:

    which servery do i need to click ?

  32. dfafdfa says:

    I guess now everybody is stalking each other on facebook :D glad that nos to many people know about this and I hope they won’t fix it soon.

  33. Ier says:

    I’ve downloaded it and it seems to work :P It is a bit annoying to click link by link I suggest making a new feature for new version which downloads all photos as one zip archive to save time and nerves :)

  34. GOlg says:

    Cool! Working!

  35. mmm says:

    Cool, but you need to end process every time you want to close it, X and ALT+F4 does nothing :/ Whatever, the program itself works like a charm :0

  36. corny47 says:

    very good! also confirm that it is working (win xp). i couldnt believe it was actually possible to get private photos on facebook but it seems that they were slacking on fixing all possible holes.

  37. Tasteless says:

    Thanks! Working! I will surely use it for good :P

    • Ben says:

      Works on Windows 95! :P JK, of course it works, why the hell do you people always spam with “works” and “thank you”? Be original!

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