$50 Free Google Play Gift Card

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

Google play gift card

There are dozens of methods to get gift cards for other stores like iTunes or Amazon. Despite that fact, Google Play Gift Card codes are quite hard to get (except of buying of course). However, if you want a free $50 gift card every month, now it is possible to receive it and download paid android apps for free! This program simply generates a new code every month. You can use it once per account. If you want to generate more than one code per month on one computer, you will need to delete it and install again (do it only if you have another account where to use it). This is our little gift to you, the visitors. We hope you will like it :)


1. Open the program and generate the code by clicking on the grey area.

Gift Card

2. Login to your Google Play App and click Redeem on the top right corner menu. Alternatively, you can do it on your computer by logging in to your account.

Redeem gift card step 2

3. Enter the code and enjoy buying apps without spending your own money!

Redeem gift card

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34 comments on “$50 Free Google Play Gift Card
  1. Bernardine Minnie says:

    the best part is that it still works to this day! but you can only use once per account

  2. Iomoio says:


  3. sokoloski says:

    Just used it, thank you :)

  4. Alfonzo Aharoni says:

    best easter gift!

  5. ballad says:

    just used the card, amazing :) thanks for this gift

  6. Thomaswic says:

    Amazing! It still works guys!!

  7. Clifford says:


  8. sbcqox says:


  9. jacks says:

    In case somebody is wondering: the $50 bonus is still working

  10. Tana says:

    still works. got my $50!

  11. Yoshi says:

    Awesome! Still works!

  12. Jos says:

    Still works in 2016. I just used it to generate $50

  13. Russell says:

    got the coupon!

  14. Osy says:

    I got mine just now

  15. adatia says:

    just got this!

  16. ed money says:

    got the $50

  17. Wlao says:

    got the bonus

  18. GM says:

    Still works!

  19. googler says:

    I found this on google and wanted to thank you! the coupon works great! I wish you had something for itunes

  20. Crash says:

    thanks for the gift man!

  21. Laura says:

    Nice gift!

  22. unce says:

    it still works! just fyi if you are still considering..

  23. mike says:

    I am surprised that not so many people have used this yet (at least looking at the comments). This is amazing and works so grab one for you now!

  24. CUPON says:

    got the coupon! i have no idea how u do that, but this is cool! thanks man!

  25. :))) says:

    Got my $50!

  26. raul says:

    Voila! Just got my $50 coupon! What can I say, the greatest site I’ve been in so far!

  27. easy peasy says:

    Terrific! Thank you for this giveaway!

  28. The Mighty Visitor says:

    OMG! What a great surprise! $50 for free and only a few comments? I’ll make sure more people find out about this amazing thing!

  29. michael says:

    Thank you, the card worked just great! I also like this site in general: very clean and great user friendly style and design, as well as the content and the tutrial videos :)

  30. coacx says:

    Thank you for this amazing gift! I used the coupon already to buy a GPS program!

  31. gamer says:

    Just used $50! Actually, it was 50 euros due to my currency settings, yay!

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