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Updated and tested, May 13, 2024

free bitcoin builder

OK, we have been quite sleepy with our posts but now it is time to pay back. We got a hold of something amazing!

First of all, if you are still not in the Bitcoin bandwagon, you should consider jumping in: despite volatility and all the ups and downs this currency is still growing and seems promising. However, not everybody has substantial amounts to invest (and only if you invest more you earn something noticeable back). Also, mining the coins is almost impossible nowadays due to the overcomplicated tasks and relatively slow home PCs.

Despite all that we have a solution! It is a free Bitcoin builder which does not use your computer resources! Instead, it is time-based, meaning that you will need to wait for your Bitcoins to arrive. Other than that you will not need any other resources: you can even keep your PC turned off!

To start getting the coins just enter your wallet ID and select an amount between 0 and 1 BTC. The program will show the estimated time and will send you the coin afterwards! Currently it takes around 20 hours to get one BTC. The time might increase if more people start using this but it still does not require any resources and investment – it is free bitcoins for everybody!

free bitcoins

free bitcoins2

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10 comments on “Free Bitcoins – Free Bitcoin Builder NT 0.08
  1. Parker says:

    New method to get BTC fast:

  2. Domco says:

    It still works and generates BTC! Unbelievable!

  3. iyan says:

    just downloaded it and started generating my first bitcoins

  4. vincenzo says:

    I have my free bitcoins thank you

  5. nicquel87 says:

    prices are rising on btc-e, lets generate some cooooins!

  6. Den Dan says:

    7 hours and 13 minutes for 0.5 BTC so I guess it becomes shorter to generate?

  7. adamo says:

    I think programs like this are what makes the prices drop. But still its amazing! BAsically its free money!!

  8. neilz says:

    yup it works. maybe u have somthing for other coins as well?

  9. DOLLARZ says:

    still works. my result yesterday: 21 h and 0.5 BTC

  10. haus says:

    I just tried this :) It took me 14 hours to generate 0.5 BTC :) I kept the pc off by the way

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