Free Calls From PC – RCaller NG 1.0.3 (Free Download)

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

free calls from pc

One of the most wanted things on the internet is a decent calling program. It should reach landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world and… be free. Of course, there are several such services already like KNCTR. However, all of them are limited in some way: some limit the minutes you can speak, some can only access a few countries. FInally, probably none of them give your own number and ability to send and receive SMS!

However, RCaller NG 1.0.3 is a different story. The list of functions, especially having in mind that it is free, is amazing:

* free calling from pc
* own number and receiving calls
* ability to choose country
* ability to send and receive sms

To use it just install, the program, wait for your number to appear, then dial and call anybody you want! Just have in mind that the program hangs up automatically every 10 minutes to prevent misuse. Also, if the microphone is not working, just click the right mouse button and go to Settings->Microphone to change the source.

Default screen:

call mobiles from pc

Dialing number:

call worldwide from pc free

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19 comments on “Free Calls From PC – RCaller NG 1.0.3 (Free Download)
  1. stiffler says:

    cool! just called for some 40 mins for free

  2. nIO says:

    thank you for this program, works great

  3. Yosemite says:


  4. Bernardo.K says:

    I wish I found this earlier! Amazing!

  5. Iddy says:

    yup, it was worth downloading the program! basically, I dont need the phone anymore and for sure Im not spendin money on those skype credits anymre

  6. vejvield says:

    Superb! Similar app for a phone would be totally awesome but I guess PC app enough for now! I recommend this one!

  7. ledimain says:

    I dont get how it is possible to call for free but strangely it works for me as well… Some kind of miracle right here

  8. eugy says:

    very good and very clear but yeah the option to choose your own custom number would be great but I dont know if it is possible

  9. Klarus says:

    thank you! I use it for calling often now!

  10. caller says:

    It sure does work! I already made hundreds of calls with earlier version of this program then reinstalled my windows and couldnt find it on the internet. Finally I found it here!

  11. enet says:

    I also use this program for abroad calls! Thanks for posting!

  12. Martin says:

    I am an exchange student and I used to waste loads of money on intl calls. Thanks for this!

  13. Jaulo says:

    I just called couple of my friends in the states. Works wonderfully!

  14. olbull says:

    just made a couple calls from usa to europe, seems to work fine!

  15. kvisie says:

    yes work good free calls!

  16. djfan says:

    Just tried it. Better than the best!

  17. XUR says:

    I called a couple of countries. Works. Just when I call to Czech Republic it takes like 30 seconds to connect.

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