Free Real Instagram Followers and Likes – Instadvantage 2.3

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024

free instagram followers

If you ever wondered how some people became so popular on Instagram this might be your answer. They probably use Instadvantage or similar program (if there are any more working ones out there). It allows you to add as many new followers to your account or likes to your photos as you want! The best part is that the program adds real followers: they are real people, not some random bots. The only thing is that they are not targeted so you might not get a lot of natural interaction. However, this is a perfect method of convincing your future potential fans to join as they will already see a large number of followers.

We decided to post this program after numerous requests from internet marketers and other people and we hope you will enjoy it!


1. Launch the program.
2. Enter your user name.
3. Choose if you want to add likes or followers.
4. Input your selected number and click GO! Do not turn of the program while it is in the process.
5. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

instagram followers adder

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10 comments on “Free Real Instagram Followers and Likes – Instadvantage 2.3
  1. kuxxa says:

    boosted my instagram followers! thank you!

  2. Lakesha Brigette says:

    This program helped me to boost my followers! The best part is that it is fast and does not ruin your post visibility. Your posts will still get tons of views and likes as the program gets natural followers.

  3. EDW says:

    Works in 2018! Added a LOOOOT of followers

  4. Kennetasp says:

    Perfect program for growing your instagram and very easy to use!

  5. timeb says:

    Very good program! Followers started adding up immediately!

  6. Sadye Grogan says:

    very useful tool!

  7. ffcwv says:

    oh yea, getting famous now lol :D

  8. Asylum says:

    Wow! it still works in 2016, I got 73000 followers now!!

  9. Darden says:

    thanks for this upload!

  10. walltz says:


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