Free Twitter Followers Adder – Twitter Birdseed 2.5

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

Free twitter followers

This program allows you to get as many twitter followers as you want! Just have in mind that only some of the added followers are active and some are just for the numbers. This means that it is a great tool to increase your twitter’s credibility but if you are looking for tons of retweets, this might not come instantly.

When you use the program, we recommend setting one minute for every follower or two. For example, set the time so that each hundred followers would take approximately one hour. This way you will be sure that you will not receive a ban (adding 10 000 followers in a couple of seconds might arise suspicion). So boost your twitter carefully!

The followers will turn up in the time period you will set in the program. Please limit the maximum number of followers below 5000 per session as otherwise the program might crash.


1. Launch the program and input the twitter ID, number of followers desired and in how many minutes they should be brought.

twitter free followers

2. Click “Go” and wait until the program finishes it’s work.

twitter followers adder 2

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26 comments on “Free Twitter Followers Adder – Twitter Birdseed 2.5
  1. DBT says:

    Download was quick and easy! Generating the followers now!

  2. Wilburn says:

    Works wonderfully!

  3. Orlando says:

    still works great

  4. wanq says:

    This is amazing tool! Thank you very much!

  5. wei says:

    it still works! got the followers!!! very happy!

  6. taster2015 says:

    still works, very good

  7. wei says:

    thank you, it still works without problems :)

  8. kenix says:

    great! I use this as well as your instagram followers adder. so far only the best results!

  9. Grip says:

    After a long search and many other programs tried I can say that this is probably one of those 1% which are actually working. And I like it! :)

  10. shang says:

    I’m also into IM and this is great to grow your followers. They seem to be quite active and they definitely attract more real people to the accounts.

  11. Fru says:

    I use it and it work. Thank you very much sir.

  12. RDO says:

    Thanks man!

  13. mike says:

    works wonders! just one question: is there something similar for instagram?

  14. twtr says:

    got the followers! out of ten times the program crashed once however but no big deal since it still brings the followers well!!

  15. costo says:

    even though the name sounds funny it really works!

  16. shorty says:

    Amazing thing! If social networking is important for your business (or whatever else you have there) then definitely use this one!

  17. brandonJ says:

    Thanks for this tool! THe visitors seem to be real, because they are quite active! Just a small tip: add them slower, this way you get more active ones

  18. Jose Erick Gonzaga says:

    It works!

  19. Jake says:

    Thiws works but sometimes freezes up (~2 times out of ten when i used it). Not a big deal tho… Maybe its my pc

  20. Zack says:

    Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for sharing this with us! I am in IM and I could really use these followers. Glad I found this post. Thanks again!

  21. Donna says:

    As a marketing specialist I can say that this tool will surely help me a lot in the future!

  22. Lisa says:

    Very good tool! I used it from the first beta version. It is always great and gets updated instantly if API changes or anything like that.

  23. carrera says:

    I wondered what those people use to boost their twitter followers. It seems that I finally found the source :P

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