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Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

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It was impossible to find a good free GPS navigation app for a device using non-jailbroken or unlocked iOS. Until now, of course. Personally, I use iPhone and was searching for a good GPS program day and night. To me, the best free one seems Google Maps, but the internet costs are killing me, especially abroad. Luckily, there is a tool which uploads the maps to your phone and lets you use them offline without affecting the device anyhow! I have tried this and now I recommend it to you!

Obviously, you can now download some Google Maps offline areas without this program and directly through the app. However, there are countries that do not allow this. Also, you have to download them in chunks and can’t download a whole country at once. This program fixes the situation.

UPDATE: Works with devices from iOS 6 up to iOS 10 and above.


First, make sure you have Google Maps app installed from the appstore!

1. Launch the program.

2. Connect your phone. Choose the maps you want to use (all are selected by default). Make sure iTunes is off before you continue.

3. Wait while it synchronizes. It might take ten or more minutes (I did not actually count). After that, you will have fully working offline Google Maps.

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8 comments on “Google Maps Offline iOS 6+ – Gmaps Noroam PRO
  1. La N says:

    this is amazing! it makes google maps the perfect navi app!

  2. Lenise says:

    This program really saved my day! It helped me very much in my trip. Data costs too much where I live so without offline GPS I would probably still use paper maps :)

  3. louy08 says:

    The one who created this is genius!

  4. Strd says:

    What a great tool! I am not very tech savvy but managed to get the maps for my iphone!

  5. RK says:

    I am Indian myself. I simply just selected everything. It took time but now I have Indian maps too. I guess it just installs the whole world. The only drawback is that it might eat up the space.

  6. Sawan says:

    COuld you add support for India maps too.

  7. kulka.anders says:

    This is pure gold! Very useful app and I’m glad I found this! You know, I drive A LOT so you are my saviour, thank you again!

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