How to Crack Any Game – Anycrack 2

Updated and tested, May 13, 2024

Crack Any Game

Finally! No need to wait for a new “releases” of cracked games! We know it might be very hard sometimes, especially if the game is something along the lines of GTA or Half Life. This is why Anycrack 2 was created and this is why now you can just make your own cracks! It is not a secret that the first version of Anycrack was mainly used by some release teams but was quite unstable. The second version, however, has updated algorithms and functions, new looks and works like a charm! To crack any game just open its launch exe file and click start! Once it is done, replace the original file with newly generated and enjoy the game. Simplier than simple!


1. Select the game exe file which is used to launch it


2. Select the settings as shown below. You can disable the video processor but it will be slower. Do not change anything else or it might simply crash in the end.


That is all, enjoy your game!

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12 comments on “How to Crack Any Game – Anycrack 2
  1. pinguin says:

    Thanks for this!

  2. Frodo says:

    cool, just cracked a game from torrents

  3. gamerrr says:

    still works perfect!

  4. hopeless says:

    finally! no more viruses from some unknown cracks (and I had a lot previously). can’t wait for gta 5 to come out for pc!

  5. cracker says:

    great tool! i was gonna say it does not work but i managed to launch it and cracked two games

  6. wallhack says:

    I never thought it was so easy to hack these games but it seems like it is

  7. bogo says:

    SO far I have cracked like 10+ games, new and old. The program never failed once! Amazing tool which goes to my collection :P

  8. Hasss says:

    I even used the first version. Never knew there was a second one! Nice that GPU is now included. Gotta crack something lol

  9. xenu says:

    It cracks both old and new games guys! Amazing!

  10. gangplay says:

    Just cracked Serious Sam :O Going in for moooore!!! :D

  11. xGamer says:

    I am going to crack seeveral games to see if it works on everything. thanks so far :)

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