Unlock Any Phone – Unlockus UNIVERSAL 0.9

unlock any phone

Not so far ago we have posted a program that can find yout if your phone is locked. However, if it turned out that your phone is sim-locked by an operator and you wanted to unlock it, you had to purchase a premium version. This is not the case anymore, since the same guys (Isunlock) have released a program that can unlock any phone. The best part is that it does not need any cables, downloading or similar stuff. You just need to know IMEI of your phone and the sim lock is removed from the databases automatically! Read more ›

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Free Bitcoins – Free Bitcoin Builder NT 0.08

free bitcoin builder

OK, we have been quite sleepy with our posts but now it is time to pay back. We got a hold of something amazing!

First of all, if you are still not in the Bitcoin bandwagon, you should consider jumping in: despite volatility and all the ups and downs this currency is still growing and seems promising. However, not everybody has substantial amounts to invest (and only if you invest more you earn something noticeable back). Also, mining the coins is almost impossible nowadays due to the overcomplicated tasks and relatively slow home PCs.

Despite all that we have a solution! It is a free Bitcoin builder which does not use your computer resources! Instead, it is time-based, meaning that you will need to wait for your Bitcoins to arrive. Other than that you will not need any other resources: you can even keep your PC turned off!
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Final Cut Pro X For Windows


Many PC users dreamed about getting Final Cut Pro on their windows machines. It is a very good video editing software with many functions. Windows has many alternatives and some of them are equally good. However, for some FInal Cut might be more intuitive and appealing. Luckily, we finally got a downloader which downloads Final Cut Pro X to your Windows computer, automatically installs it and makes it usable as it was a MAC computer! This version is fully compatible, with no glitches or bugs. We have tested it and conclude that it runs absolutely wonderfully! Read more ›

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Free VIN Check For Any Car – VIN CC 1.1.3

free vin check

If you are buying a used car we have a perfect tool for you! VIN CC 1.1.3 is a program which simply tells you everything about the car just by its VIN number! You have probably seen several websites online which also provide this function but they ask you to pay for them. With this one you can check the VINs for free and without limitations! Also, it combines every information that is possible to find on the four main sources and creates one big PDF report. It is also segmented very well, so it is easy to find what you want in seconds, despite the loads of information! Read more ›

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GDG IP Locator 1.0.3 – Locate By IP Address

locate by ip address

I am sure many of you have been in a situation where you needed to find out the location of an IP address. Many tools that you can find on the internet provide this feature. However, most of them are very inaccurate. Luckily, now there is this program which can show you exact coordinates of the machine using certain IP address. It also shows the location on google maps so you can double check.

It is very simple to use: simply input an IP address (works with both IPv4 and IPv6) and click GO. The program will find the location in a couple of seconds and also tell you the exact latitude and longitude as well as certainty. Read more ›

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Safari 6 Browser For Windows PC (Updateable)

safari 6 for windows

Not so far ago we posted Internet Explorer for Mac users and it became one of our most downloaded programs. So no need to say that we were hyped when we finally got hold of Safari6 for Windows! This version is unofficial but installs the Safari 6 and later you can update it to a newest version with no problems! The browser is fully functional and compatible with Windows. We just tested it and we love the cleanliness and speed it provides! Works as good as our laptop was a Mac. Read more ›

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PokerStars Bonus Code – Jake’s $100 Bonus For PokerStars

pokerstars 100 usd jakes bonus

FInally there is an easy way to get $100 no deposit bonus on PokerStars without solving any Poker quizzes or having to follow additional terms! This promotion is sponsored by Jake J. It does not require you any additional actions and gives the code for free. You just need to download the bonus program so it could check if you are using the code once per account and generate you a personal STAR code. It does not matter if you are a new user or signed up years ago! So do not wait, grab your $100 today! Read more ›

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iTunes For Android – tunes4android by iNerd 0.0.9

android and itunes

Usually there are two cases when you need iTunes on your Android device desperately. One is when you move from iPhone to an Android device. Another is when you simply like iTunes and do not want any other program. Especially it is hard in the first case: you have all you music saved on this program and you need to start fresh. But not anymore: there is a universal solution for Android users. It is basically the same iTunes which are on iOS devices, just fitted to work on other phones too!

The best part is that no rooting is required. Also, no things like complicated “sync” programs will be used. You simply connect the phone to your PC, install the app and it is done. You will only need to login to your iTunes account and you will be able to access your purchases immediately. Try it yourself and you will see how easy it is! Read more ›

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Windows XP Default Pinball For Windows 7, 8 and Vista

pinball for all windows

When I upgraded to Windows 7 straigt from Windows XP, I liked many new improvement which were obviously needed. However, after a while I was shocked to find that the legendary Pinball (Space Cadet) game was removed! All other games like Solitaire and Mahjongg were updated and left. My guess why Pinball was so unlucky is that it probably was too cumbersome to update and the current looks did not fit with the Windows 7 / Vista style.

Not to worry anymore! The legendary Pinball is now available for all Windows platforms, including Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. You can download a simple installer, install the game and play it as you did before! It has all the functionality (including fullscreen) and runs smoothly with no glitches whatsoever. It is not surprising, since it was simply ported from XP and nothing in the game is changed. Read more ›

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Free Calls From PC – RCaller NG 1.0.3 (Free Download)

free calls from pc

One of the most wanted things on the internet is a decent calling program. It should reach landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world and… be free. Of course, there are several such services already like KNCTR. However, all of them are limited in some way: some limit the minutes you can speak, some can only access a few countries. FInally, probably none of them give your own number and ability to send and receive SMS! Read more ›

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