$50 Free Google Play Gift Card

Google play gift card

There are dozens of methods to get gift cards for other stores like iTunes or Amazon. Despite that fact, Google Play Gift Card codes are quite hard to get (except of buying of course). However, if you want a free $50 gift card every month, now it is possible to receive it and download paid android apps for free! This program simply generates a new code every month. You can use it once per account. If you want to generate more than one code per month on one computer, you will need to delete it and install again (do it only if you have another account where to use it). This is our little gift to you, the visitors. We hope you will like it :) Read more ›

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GarageBand 10 For Windows (Updated)

Download Garage Band 10 For Windows

One thing that PC users are envious about is GarageBand. It is really among the best programs for music creation/recording with diverse functionality. Windows also has alternative: Mixcraft. But forget about that – it is too complicated and does not offer the same functions as GarageBand does! Luckily, now we have a downloader which downloads GarageBand 10.1.2 to your windows computer, installs it automatically and makes it available to use as it was on MAC! Really amazing tool and very easy to use. Just have in mind that the controls are the same as in MAC (e.g. close/minimize buttons on the left). Apart from that, everything runs smoothly! Read more ›

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Internet Explorer 10 For Mac OS


I have a Mac Book with Mountain Lion OS X and one thing I missed was Internet Explorer. The version 10 is really fast and simple to use, personally it is better than Safari. However, they discountinued making of MAC version a long tie ago. Luckily, now it is possible to use IE again. And the best part that it is the newest version! Also, in case 11th version comes out, there is a possibility to just update it and it will work! For me it is amazing news and I want to share it with you. Read more ›

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How to Crack Any Game – Anycrack 2

Crack Any Game

Finally! No need to wait for a new “releases” of cracked games! We know it might be very hard sometimes, especially if the game is something along the lines of GTA or Half Life. This is why Anycrack 2 was created and this is why now you can just make your own cracks! It is not a secret that the first version of Anycrack was mainly used by some release teams but was quite unstable. The second version, however, has updated algorithms and functions, new looks and works like a charm! To crack any game just open its launch exe file and click start! Once it is done, replace the original file with newly generated and enjoy the game. Simplier than simple! Read more ›

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Download Free mp3 From Spotify – Dldify

mp3 from spotify

We have already shown you how to download mp3 from iTunes. Now it is time for Spotify. If you already have Spotify installed (does not matter if it is free or premium version) you can do it in a couple of seconds! Just copy the link of the song you want to save and you will receive an mp3 file!

P.S. I know there was another program called Downloadify (while this one is called Dldify). That one was a browser extension and it does not work anymore while this one is standalone and does its job perfectly. The program does not need to update because it downloads the mp3 through its servers anyway! Read more ›

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Google Maps Offline iOS 6+ – Gmaps Noroam PRO

google maps for iphone ios offline gps

It was impossible to find a good free GPS navigation app for a device using non-jailbroken or unlocked iOS. Until now, of course. Personally, I use iPhone and was searching for a good GPS program day and night. To me, the best free one seems Google Maps, but the internet costs are killing me, especially abroad. Luckily, there is a tool which uploads the maps to your phone and lets you use them offline without affecting the device anyhow! I have tried this and now I recommend it to you!
Read more ›

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Temple Run 2 Unlimited Coins and Gems Trick – Templix 2

Temple Run 2 Hack

Man I love to waste my time playing this game! It is addictive as hell. However, I feel that it gets too dull to only play for more coins and gems in order to unlock those costly upgrades and get “Save Me’s”. So, if you are lazy or simply do not have time to catch up collecting those coins before you can really break records of 5 000 000 points and more, you can simply use this Temple Run 2 cheat: Templix 2. It is designed for Temple Run 2 and you can simply connect your phone to your PC and change the coins and crystals amount to any that you need: it is so simple and no file adding or editing is needed at all!
Works for both Android and iOS! Read more ›

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Download Free Music From iTunes – HaveTune 0.9

Free music download from itunes

This is the most straightforward and useful program I have seen in quite a while. In just one click you can get a free mp3 file of any song that is on iTunes. All you need to do is go to iTunes (through the program or online) and copy the link to the song’s page. Everything else is done by HaveTune: just paste the link and your song will be downloaded to your computer. Then you can use it wherever you want! Read more ›

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Retrieve Lost Car Radio Codes – RadioCall 1.01

Retrieve lost radio codes

At last! A well working program to retrieve lost car radio codes! Yes, I know there are tons of those on the internet, but usually they do not work or do not have many radio models. All that means that you end up at your local garage where the guys somehow manage to unlock the radio. Believe it or not, but most of them use this program as an industry standard! It is very hard to get, but luckily, now you can download it! Just enter the serial of the car radio and click one button! Download now and you will be able to do what usually costs $30 bucks or more! Read more ›

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Microsoft Paint For Mac OS


This time I will not go into much details, if you are here you know already what you want: a good old Microsoft Paint for your Mac. For long time it was a pain in the arse to get the program (especially the one from Windows 7). However, I have finally found it. I hope it will be useful to you since it is simple and it’s a shame that Mac doesn’t have such program by default.

Just download the file and follow the instructions, it will run as any other Mac application! Read more ›

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