PokerStars Bonus Code – Jake’s $100 Bonus For PokerStars

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

pokerstars 100 usd jakes bonus

FInally there is an easy way to get $100 no deposit bonus on PokerStars without solving any Poker quizzes or having to follow additional terms! This promotion is sponsored by Jake J. It does not require you any additional actions and gives the code for free. You just need to download the bonus program so it could check if you are using the code once per account and generate you a personal STAR code. It does not matter if you are a new user or signed up years ago! So do not wait, grab your $100 today!


1. Open Poker Bonus program. Then start Pokerstars program and log in. Wait for a couple of seconds for the bonus program to connect and check your account (a green tick will appear near the first step).

pokerstars no deposit bonus

2. Click “Reveal”. Go to your Pokerstars program, on the top choose Account -> Enter Star Code and enter the code you just revealed. That is all: you will have $100 in your cashier immediately!

pokerstars money bonus

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20 comments on “PokerStars Bonus Code – Jake’s $100 Bonus For PokerStars
  1. alben says:

    Just tested it, works in May 2017 :)

  2. Burt says:

    got $100! best site ever!

  3. RichardPavy says:

    got the bonus! still works

  4. Rizmac says:

    Perfect! thnaks for the bonus guys

  5. Joey says:

    Does it still work in october 2016??? someone???

  6. temujns says:

    PErfect! Thank you!

  7. Yosemite says:

    The bonus still works

  8. playpro says:

    still works! amazing!

  9. unde says:

    nice! would be even nicer to get such bonuses for more poker rooms: i already wasted this one :D lol

  10. Charlette says:

    I got this code. I am not very good at poker so I’m afraid to start playing, however :D

  11. trasher says:

    oh yeah! I also cashed it out! Just a couple of all ins… couldnt be more lucky with a bonus!

  12. fish says:

    thanks for this! it’s hard to get the bonus from pokerstrategy so you kinda saved me :)

  13. pokerstars says:

    ok guys this is really amazing! I thought I would just try this… I got the bonus, played some cash several times… Guess what: I won $170 on top of this $100, so I cashed out that already and still can continue playing. How cool is that!!

  14. rabash says:

    also received code. very good thanks

  15. Jennifer says:

    Yes this promo still works! Amazing!

  16. car says:

    Thanks! Got $100!

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