Remove RAR Password – Ignore Pass 0.47

Updated and tested, May 13, 2024

Remove winrar password

If you download many files from the internet, you probably face .rar format usually. It is good while the file does not have any password. However, sometimes it does. And more than often you forget to mark it down somewhere or the uploader forgets to share it. What to do in this case? There are some bruteforce programs for WinRar but this could take ages and needs a fast computer. There are some programs which state to be able to remove the password, but they do not always work. There is a better option: just install Ignore Pass 0.47 extension and the password will simply be ignored! You will be able to extract anything you want!

P.S. The file sizes of the rar archives will be smaller by several bytes due to removed password part (extension does that automatically)! You can see this in the video.


1. Install WinRar. Then open Ignore Pass and check if it is installed already or not:


2. If not, just install it and close the program. Now you can extract any WinRar file and you will not be prompted for any password!


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7 comments on “Remove RAR Password – Ignore Pass 0.47
  1. Gasuu says:

    Wow it works! Yo ureally helped me, thanks!

  2. Dark says:

    just removed one password. cool!

  3. gngb says:

    it works, thanks :)

  4. aaa says:

    thanks you the best!

  5. Ashita says:

    Bookmarked your page! Seems that you have amazing software here that solves problems!

  6. Oak says:

    Excellent! Just excellent!

  7. Vimaxx says:

    Dude, you just helped me to unrar the unrarable, lol :D I had one very important file and finally I could figure out the way how to open it since it somehow had not working password.

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