Reset Windows Password – WPW Complete Reset Pack 2.0

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024

reset windows password

Have you ever been in a situation where you just forgot your Windows account password at the worst possible moment? Or maybe you bought a computer and it is locked with password? Many people have experienced this and thought it is a dead end. But little did they know that there is an easy fix for this situation! Simply apply WPW Complete Reset Pack 2.0 and you can remove the password for any Windows version! It includes password removal for Windows 98 and older, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 versions. Simply put all files in USD or CD/DVD and reboot Windows. The program will do its job automatically and launch the Administrator’s account without password. After that, you will be able to edit any other account easily.


Simply put all the files in a USB or CD/DVD. Then put that in the PC you want to remove password and start it.

reset the password for windows account

Update: now you can reset Windows 10 passwords as well. File used for Windows 10 is called windows8.exe since it has identical password reset routine as the previous OS version. Copy all files to a USB or CD/DVD and Windows will detect which version is suitable and launch the program automatically.

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13 comments on “Reset Windows Password – WPW Complete Reset Pack 2.0
  1. bulbarr44 says:

    I found about this one on some youtube video. very good password resetter

  2. ceeney73 says:

    amazing! at first I thought it won’t do anything but after a couple minutes of waiting it actually removed the password!

  3. newport says:

    what would I do without this site!

  4. some name says:


  5. ciupxy says:

    .Works on Windows 8.1

  6. nsa says:

    I really need something similar for mac os! Does anybody know where I could get that?

  7. KYCO says:

    Good program. Recommend! Just have in mind that it simply removes the password instead of telling it to you so be careful with “tricks” with another peoples’ computers ;)

  8. giants says:

    resetting worked! can’t believe it is true! thanks!

  9. pscript says:

    It works. I like that it does everything automatically.

  10. Bogus says:

    Very nice tool! It helped me alot when I was in trouble after forgetting the main password!

  11. Wall says:

    Thanks for showing how to remove the password! Appreciate your help!

  12. chunky says:

    Thanks, will recommend to my friend, I knew he had a problem with passwords…

  13. kisqisy says:

    Wow this is cool! I will try this immediately!

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