Retrieve Lost Car Radio Codes – RadioCall 1.01

Updated and tested, May 13, 2024

Retrieve lost radio codes

At last! A well working program to retrieve lost car radio codes! Yes, I know there are tons of those on the internet, but usually they do not work or do not have many radio models. All that means that you end up at your local garage where the guys somehow manage to unlock the radio. Believe it or not, but most of them use this program as an industry standard! It is very hard to get, but luckily, now you can download it! Just enter the serial of the car radio and click one button! Download now and you will be able to do what usually costs $30 bucks or more!

1. Select your radio model.


2. Input the car radio serial code.


3. Click Retrieve and wait for the code to appear. Now enter it into your radio according to its owner’s manual and enjoy the music!


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20 comments on “Retrieve Lost Car Radio Codes – RadioCall 1.01
  1. Mosa says:

    Helped me to reset Audi code!

  2. HarrisR says:


  3. Jordi says:

    Oh how I needed this. Finally unlocked my radio!

  4. Richardas says:

    thank you it is very useful for my work

  5. ab says:

    it is amazing! so glad I found this program!

  6. Fede says:


  7. tommy says:


  8. TI5 says:


  9. driver says:

    more people need to know about this tool!

  10. ganu says:

    man you saved me! my car radio was locked for ages and I just didnt want to pay. I can listen to some tunes again!

  11. bernadineuz1 says:

    worked for fiat original radio (fixed it for my cousin). recommend!

  12. Calvin says:

    I am a car mechanic/electrician. Yet I was surprised when I found out about Radiocall. But now it helps me very much in my job, I think maybe I will stop even charging people for unlocking their radios since it is so easy and fast!

  13. GaGa says:

    You dont know how much you helped! My radio was completely messed up and your code fixed everything!

  14. bliss says:

    Very nice! Now I feel like I could repair anything using internet, lol D

  15. RON says:

    As a car mechanc myself I can confirm that this is working. I am using it myself, since not many people know about this tool, haha: not only you can fix your issue, you can also unlock other radios for money :P

  16. Mer says:

    It helped me to unlock the damn radio. And even the mechanic didn’t find the solution before I tried this program, how cool is that :O

  17. goldhand says:

    amazing tool!

  18. tiger says:

    you just helped me to escape a very uncomfortable situation after i disconnected my car battery in order to charge it! the radio blocked somehow… Thank you! Finally my BMW has some music in it again :D

  19. driverr says:

    Guys, this is great! I hate those service guys charging $30 or more for just 4 digits :@ I will definitely try this one!

  20. Volvo says:

    ty, downloading!

2 Pings/Trackbacks for "Retrieve Lost Car Radio Codes – RadioCall 1.01"
  1. moe says:

    This really helped me! Unlocked two default cars in wv so I guess it really is universal

  2. unlocked says:

    unlocked my audi concert radio! wohooo!!!! after like half a year in safe mode!

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