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Updated and tested, May 13, 2024

Download from Shutterstock for Free

I used to earn my living from web and banner designing. Needless to say, there were countless situations where I needed a stock image for some of my works. And it is not a secret that they cost an arm and a leg. I am not saying that you should just “steal” them one after another, but there are plenty of situations when you need just a clear example to show to your employer. This program is perfect for such situations: you simply launch it and download the stock image you want to you computer in the best possible quality and, of course, for free. You can also download vector images and any other files that are available on Shutterstock. The license attached to this program is unlimited and never-expiring so you will need to worry about the quantities or the time!


1. Go to Shutterstock website and find the image you want to download. Then copy the ID:


2. Paste the ID into the program and click “GO”. The default directory is “Downloads” but you can change it by clicking on the path link in the program:

shutterstock pd v2

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28 comments on “Shutterstock Free Downloads – Shutterstock PD v2
  1. inter says:

    I’ve downloaded hundreds of photos using this program and it works perfectly every time! Saves me a lot of time

  2. Ashly says:

    Perfect tool for downlaoding images!

  3. Miquel says:

    Yes! Finally found this program! My friends told me that it was possible to download images from shutterstock for free and now I see that it really is. Maybe you also have similar programs for other stock sites as well?

  4. lbella says:

    Thank you! This program really helps me :)

  5. سواتر says:

    My brother told me about this program and it is amazing!

  6. Branzon says:

    wow! this is the best thing i could find!

  7. seb says:

    works in 2016 thanks

  8. Meraldkaxy says:

    cool! downloaded a couple of pics just recently

  9. Fen says:

    it still works and this is amazing

  10. hyhy says:

    test message

  11. callllllme says:

    pure gold!

  12. SF9 Designs says:

    thanks :)

  13. myko says:

    this is a perfect program! if you have anything similar for istockphoto – bring it here too!

  14. martinx96 says:

    I like it but the photos I need are on fotolia… Anything similar for fotolia soon?

  15. CHE says:

    I’ve just downloaded it and I’m lovin it already!

  16. edmond says:

    Designers will understand! Amazing stuff!

  17. Eduard Electro says:

    Now I’m wondering: what would I do without this site. I fixed my car radio with a program from raresoftware and now I found this amazing thing! This time I’m gonna bookmark it!

  18. Sany says:

    nice! the only thing that could be improved is bulk downloading especially if you work with hundreds of photos per day. but hey its free can’t complain

  19. vin says:

    Danke !

    Mfg vin

  20. sohel says:

    Helps me a lot as many others said already. This website is priceless!

  21. shnur says:

    ty my friend you help me much in my design with this program here

  22. meizitang says:

    Oh great! Now I will finally be able to download pictures one by one. I know there is also a free database of them on poratebay, but that takes up too much space compared to this.

  23. Ice says:

    will do for my banner designing :)

  24. WdLd says:

    Wow! Very nice program! Now I will be able to finally get normal photos because free exchange sites like usually have very unprofessional ones.

  25. Lew KG says:

    Hi, This is Peter from Sweden, i just wanted to say that this program really helped me at work when i needed some photos really bad. Now i started following your blog because i see more interesting apps here!
    Thanks a lot !

  26. designer says:

    i used to ask for shutterstock images on forums but it takes some time and now always get what i want. now this program. very nice!

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