Temple Run 2 Unlimited Coins and Gems Trick – Templix 2

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024

Temple Run 2 Hack

Man I love to waste my time playing this game! It is addictive as hell. However, I feel that it gets too dull to only play for more coins and gems in order to unlock those costly upgrades and get “Save Me’s”. So, if you are lazy or simply do not have time to catch up collecting those coins before you can really break records of 5 000 000 points and more, you can simply use this Temple Run 2 cheat: Templix 2. It is designed for Temple Run 2 and you can simply connect your phone to your PC and change the coins and crystals amount to any that you need: it is so simple and no file adding or editing is needed at all!
Works for both Android and iOS!

Templix 2 Temple Run 2 hack

Unlimited temple Run 2 coins and gems

1. Connect your phone to the PC
2. Launch the program and add the coins
3. Close program and disconnect the phone
4. Enoy the game!

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12 comments on “Temple Run 2 Unlimited Coins and Gems Trick – Templix 2
  1. marcoo says:

    it works!

  2. Lunette says:

    Haha, this still works! Very fun!

  3. runner says:

    haha I used it on my friends temple run and he was like wtf where did the coins come from :D

  4. Carnix says:

    yea .. i thought my friend is some real temple run freak but he probably used this very same program to impress me :D

  5. raider says:

    Haha, great, still works unlike some other ones :P

  6. karaer says:

    So many addicted temple run players, lol

  7. Swing says:

    ty for this, helped me to save time on getting crystals. now to get to the weekly tops lol

  8. miller says:

    Great piece of program :) Just tried on my htc, works fine.

  9. toomuCH says:

    Thanks for this. Do you have something for Candy Crush? Would love free powerups since now they cost too much :P

  10. Bruce says:

    I used the program and showed my friend how many gems I’ve collected. He thought I’m crazy, lol xD

  11. SandSmith says:

    I downloaded temple run on my new ipad and would have had to collect everything again (since the old one was on my galaxy s2). You saved me, now I can proceed breaking records :)

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