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Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024


If you ever wanted to play Android games on your PC or MAC, now you can finally do it! Yes, you heard it right: the program is for both PC and MAC computers! This means you can now beat those highscores of Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Angry Birds or any other game on your computer when you do not have what to do. And this is not the best part yet! The program also has the Google Play integrated, so you can download apps directly and you don’t need to search for the apk files yourself. You just need to login with your google account and you can play both free and paid apps.

The program works perfectly, the games run without lag. The download file includes install files for both platforms, so you will be able to choose depending on what you have. You wont find better: all apps are available at once! I used to search for standalone Android games fitted for PC but now this just saved hours of search!

The instructions are very very easy: just install the program, create google account (or login to existing one), browse the Google Play market and use your selected apps after they download and install!



ang3 ang4

Update: the app is currently unavailable for download. We will update it soon.

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11 comments on “All Android Apps On PC and MAC – Android Emulator
  1. Sarocighinic says:

    Very nice emulator :)

  2. electronic-supersonic says:

    Hello there, just found Raresoftware and I can say that I will probably download everything thats here :) Really useful site!

  3. MASMMY says:

    Why didn’t i know about this earlier?

  4. SetsaWhoto says:

    finally a working and not laggy

  5. Consoles says:


  6. obtail says:

    Working perfectly

  7. burberry says:

    Great site, please post more programs!

  8. HOLAl says:

    where is my water runs smoothly on this one!

  9. meme says:


  10. GUY says:

    Oh yeah, working! Thanks!!!

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