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RareSoftware.org is better than ever before! Now you will find even more programs and most of them are not available anywhere else!

We provide you with the newest software! We post other authors’, who want to share their cool programs with you, work. This way we ensure that they get the access to public while you get exactly what you want! This is why here you can find so much software that helps to do various tricks easily! Thousands of users approve this website and come back again for more downloads! Check it yourself and then spread the word!

You can be sure that the programs work perfectly because we constantly check them and remove the ones which do not work anymore. We carefully follow the reviews and fix the issues immediately!


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Programs including word “free” mean that the usage of the program is free. Some ways of downloading might still be paid, regarding the surveys users have to complete. Please complete them at your own discretion and choose only free ones if you do not want to pay.

Users download and use programs at their own discretion.

Programs are submitted by external authors. Please refer to them in case any specific questions arise.

We are not responsible if the programs are not working as described.