Split Acapella and Instrumental – Split Tracks 2.7

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024


Finally! A program which allows you to easily split acapella and instrumental tracks from any song in mp3 or wav format! Now you can remove vocals or remove instrumental from a song just by clicking one button! All you need to do is to select your file, mark which track do you want: vocals, instrumental or both (2 files); then just click Split Tracks, wait for some minutes while the program does it’s magic and there you go! As a DJ myself, I find this especially useful because it reaches the best quality (sounds like studio) among such programs (and I have tried a lot)!

1. Load your file to the program. It may take some time to pre-split it.


2. Select which tracks you want to export (acapella or instrumental or both) and click Browse to select the destination path.


3. Click Split Tracks and wait until it completes the job.


4. Now just open the destination path and you will find you acapella, instrumental or both files!

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41 comments on “Split Acapella and Instrumental – Split Tracks 2.7
  1. Sharan says:

    Saved as a favorite, I like your site! Hope to see more producer software in the future!

  2. WINO says:

    Best program ever! So good it is available for PC

  3. 4xmusic says:

    wonderful program! never thought it was actually so easy to make acapellas

  4. neubig says:

    very good, thank you for this upload

  5. Bruzas says:

    best tool ever!!! it does pure magic

  6. maxstudios says:

    This is the best program for this kind of stuff! Saves a lot of time!

  7. Lodi says:

    sounds easy thanks

  8. Mara says:

    thank you

  9. Tiro Kasibele says:

    I saw this on my buddy’s Tab, it’s pretty good. Imma download it myself

  10. Ra says:

    works very well!

  11. carteyroofl says:

    Best tool for DJS!

  12. TTH says:

    I use this program for a week already and figured I’d just come by to say that its great. The best option to make acapellas (in my case).

  13. paloma0 says:

    a perfect program for making acapellas

  14. MUX says:

    I tell you, this is the best program you could find on the internet for this kind of stuff! And I have tried many…

  15. NIX says:

    Time to enjoy karaoke!

  16. Olive says:

    it took me hours to find this program and it took me some time to download it but now I can say: it is the bst you could find out there!

  17. XC says:

    the quality is PRO!!

  18. musician says:

    guys, this is a really powerful tool! the best I could find so far!

  19. engineer says:

    I work with sound a lot so this will help me for sure!

  20. DanielleDJ says:

    Very nice tool! It is very easy to use and the quality is amazing! I also recommend this!

  21. Deejay S says:

    Next weekend I have a really big gig so you just saved me a lot of time! In fact, instead of searching for acapella versions now I can focus on fixing my lighting. It will be cooler than I though just because of you! Thanks!

  22. Fionna says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! You saved me because I needed one song for karaoke badly! The best part is that even I understand how to use the program, haha :)

  23. djtm says:

    thought this is some kind of a joke but damn it works well! worth downloading!

  24. YWP says:

    YES YES YES! Maybe you also have mac version or know how to run on it? Now I have to use virtualization to launch windows before I can use the program. Its worth it anyway, but would be nice to use it directly

  25. jimthebass says:

    It was not so easy to download the file, but it was well worth it. It will be my one of the main tools in the studio from now on.

    By the way, from my experience: sometimes the “presplitting” (or however its called) does not draw a completely clear waveform and does not play clear split tracks. However, when you get the final file the quality is outstanding! So dont get worried in case of this. Cheers!

  26. KomKom says:

    I thought it doesn’t work at first but it does. Superior quality!
    By the way, if anyone is still considering another alternative, I can guarantee that this is the best shot. I have tried dozens of other tricks from youtube and forums and only this one gave decent results.

  27. linpaws says:

    well, the program was worth the hassle of downloading. but it seems i cant load wav files, only mp3. who knows a good converter for that?

  28. Kashmir says:

    I wanted this software really really bad and now I got it! Amazing! And even more amazing that such things are for free!

  29. FT says:

    Thank you for sharing this program, very useful to me.

  30. Danny says:

    Downloaded but when i open, the screen is blank.. put a song in the same file with the program and still nothing? any tips as to how fix this issue? greatly appreciated, seems like this program is a hidden gem.

  31. TH says:

    I thought it is some kind of fikity fake :P But it is real and working! Thanks dude!

  32. POPE says:

    omg omg omg! i just got this now i’m splitting all tracks i have for my next mega giga set!

  33. BigBootyPony says:

    Amazing! Why weren’t such program earlier? Downloaded it, tried and now I’m sure I’m gonna use it almost every day! The quality is unbelievable (especially when compared with those “inverted” instrumentals)!

  34. Card says:

    unbelievable million thanks!!!

  35. p says:

    wow! finally it is possible to get a decent acapella for my gig tomorrow. i was scratching my head day and night with that audition trick until i found this

  36. piter says:

    confirmed, works flawlessly

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  1. WeM says:

    made 2 remixes already using ur splitter! perfect quality

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