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Final Cut Pro X For Windows

Many PC users dreamed about getting Final Cut Pro on their windows machines. It is a very good video editing software with many functions. Windows has many alternatives and some of them are equally good. However, for some FInal Cut

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GarageBand 10 For Windows (Updated)

One thing that PC users are envious about is GarageBand. It is really among the best programs for music creation/recording with diverse functionality. Windows also has alternative: Mixcraft. But forget about that – it is too complicated and does not

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Microsoft Paint For Mac OS

This time I will not go into much details, if you are here you know already what you want: a good old Microsoft Paint for your Mac. For long time it was a pain in the arse to get the

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Split Acapella and Instrumental – Split Tracks 2.7

Finally! A program which allows you to easily split acapella and instrumental tracks from any song in mp3 or wav format! Now you can remove vocals or remove instrumental from a song just by clicking one button! All you need

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