IG Private Viewer 2.0 – View Private Instagram Photos And Videos

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

View Private Instagram Photos and Videos

Have you ever wanted to view private Instagram posts without following the person (or asking to be allowed to follow)? For a long time this was impossible. However, we have finally found a permanent working solution! You will be able to anonymously view any Instagram user’s posts including all photos and videos. The user will never know that you have viewed their profile. Moreover, the program will automatically download all files into one folder making it easier to view them. The picture and video quality is maximum you can get!

The program is constantly updated and we make sure that it always works. It will not leave any trace whatsoever as it uses external servers to download the files.

The program is also useful if you simply want to download all Instagram user’s posts at once. It will do so no matter if the profile is private or not!


1. Launch the program
2. Enter the name of an Instagram user
3. When the user profile is checked, click Download button
4. The program will download all the files and automatically open the folder with them

Instagram Downloader

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10 comments on “IG Private Viewer 2.0 – View Private Instagram Photos And Videos
  1. privaters says:

    really cool! works as described! I am able to view all private profiles

  2. Warrensnabs says:

    works as described. you can really see private instagram posts on any account. tested it with various accounts. thanks

  3. Patrickdeelo says:

    so thats the secret program my friends have been talking about! I finally found it myself :) Let the fun begin!

  4. helene says:

    tried it on 3 accoutns already and it works :) they have no idea lol

  5. jasosaf77 says:

    It works! A bit unethical but who cares

  6. Anton D says:

    Thanks for the program, I needed this.

  7. ayuexiemomo says:

    it really works! wow! I needed this

  8. kend says:

    Works as described.

  9. grass says:

    I tried it out of curiosity and yup, it works. Time to delete some photos on my Instagram lol

  10. maxy says:

    Awesome! It really works! I just tested it on a couple of Instagram accounts and both times it worked flawlessly!

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