Skype Addon: View Invisible Contacts, If Your Message is Seen and Send Offline Messages!

Updated and tested, Jun 10, 2024


For a long time I was quite pissed off by people who use the “invisible” function on Skype (if you really do not want people to write you messages, just use do not disturb…). There were a couple such people in my contacts and I constantly needed to write them messages or make a call to make sure they are actually online. But sometimes this looks stupid, especially if the person is not your close friend. Also, there sometimes were cases with people ignoring me and later making excuses that they actually were away from Skype.

This kind of problem was partly solved on Facebook: now you can see if the people have read your message (there is a “Seen” notification at the bottom). But now (FINALLY) I have found an app (addon/extension if you will), for Skype users which actually solves both problems and does even more. First, it shows if your friend is actually online, despite the invisible mode (it will show a black icon near the person). Also, it immediately notifies you if the person has read your message (there is “Seen” notification, just like in Facebook messages). Amazing, huh?

oninvisible                                     seenmessage

You can see the screenshots of the addon in action (I’ve created a separate Skype account and just asked a couple of friends to be test subjects since I didn’t want to show off my personal accounts). By the way, all my friends that I’ve shown the app to also use it and think that it is just a miracle and should have been already created 100 years ago!

But wait, there is more! It does one more great thing: it delivers your messages even if you are offline! For example, you want to send “Hi” to a person who is currently offline. You write “Hi”, a grey spinning cicrle appears and unless the recipient goes online before you exit your Skype, he does not receive the message (i.e. you both need to be online in order for the message to be delivered). However, now this app allows you to disconnect and the person will still receive the message as soon as he or she connects. Amazing! Helps me alot in the work. I have not tried with sending files, maybe it does not work, but hey, you can always use a file hosting!


So this is probably it, just get the app, you will love it! The instalation is easy and fits most Skype versions (it determines the version itself during the installation).

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32 comments on “Skype Addon: View Invisible Contacts, If Your Message is Seen and Send Offline Messages!
  1. Ядо says:

    PErfect plugin!

  2. opinya says:

    This is so cool! And it works with my new skype

  3. Akhmed says:

    Works with current Skyppe version!

  4. ylm92 says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  5. mich says:

    Still works in 2016 with the recent sskype version!

  6. beq|dnjur says:

    this is great!

  7. smartmonkey says:

    Wow! Still works on the new version!

  8. mike says:

    I just updated my skype and was kinda worried that it would not work anymore, but it still does! Cool!

  9. mikele says:


  10. Erica says:

    It works :) I updated my Skype yesterday and the plugin works without problems.

  11. nc ryan says:

    In case anybody is wondering: I have the newest Skype (updated today) and the plugin works wonderfully with it.

  12. tony says:

    the best plugin ever! I hated that invisible thing and now I finally have antidote for that, lol

  13. Arnold says:

    This enhances Skype very well. Thanks for this share.

  14. Skyper says:

    I would also like a function to uncover deleted messages. In case such thing happens to exist please let me know!

  15. mucka says:

    Very convenient :)

  16. skupas says:

    Cool and working with the current version well :)

  17. YAS says:

    I told about this to my colleagues and now everybody is using this. The addon should be more popular!

  18. Cheppi says:

    works with newest skype + windows 8. thanks

  19. Tyha says:

    oh yeah, my skype is on steroids now!

  20. Philippe says:

    im using it with my windows 8 and newsst skype. works perfectly!

  21. dabspealle says:

    Thanks to you im now a skypemaster! :D

  22. Auguste says:

    I am not very techy but I can confirm that this is very easy to install! Thank you, it really helps me at work :)

  23. CHOW says:

    just a happy guy passing by :)

  24. horsethery says:

    couldnt be better. just what i needed and very lightweight. thanks, now my skype has everything what i like

  25. ratrattauile says:

    u really helped me a lot! i needed to get one dude who was constantly hiding and this helped me :P

  26. cmd says:

    Unbelievable! Why didnt I know about this earlier?

  27. ALI NASSEM says:


  28. Kri says:

    Thank you for posting this addon! It really helps me at my work a lot! And I was starting to hate skype before installing this :P

  29. arpib says:

    i’m so glad i found this!

  30. sira says:

    nice! I especially like the seen function!

  31. FlowerPlower says:

    Thank you Sir!

  32. benzin says:

    wow! amazing feature, was looking for this!

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