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Reset Windows Password – WPW Complete Reset Pack 2.0

Have you ever been in a situation where you just forgot your Windows account password at the worst possible moment? Or maybe you bought a computer and it is locked with password? Many people have experienced this and thought it

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Siri For Android Phones – SiriMe 1.7.4 PLUS

Gues what most of Android users want to have from iPhone. You are right: Siri. This great companion is still more clever and fun than Google voice installed on Androids. However, this was exceptional iOS feature… Until now. Now you

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Locate Phone By Number – Universal Locator PRO 2.1

No matter if you just lost your phone or want to know where are your buddies: now you can locate any phone simply by entering its number! You do not need to pre-register the numbers, it is free and anonymous.

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Record Calls on iPhone – MD No Jailbreak Rec Fix 1.3.4

UPDATE: Works with all iOS versions up to iOS 10! You will probably agree, that non-jailbroken iPhones with iOS 5 or 6 or higher have one common problem: they do not offer convenient in-call conversation recording! Personally, I wish that this

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Free Twitter Followers Adder – Twitter Birdseed 2.5

This program allows you to get as many twitter followers as you want! Just have in mind that only some of the added followers are active and some are just for the numbers. This means that it is a great

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Unlock (Remove) SIM PIN Code – Xsimlock 2.1

Finally there is a reliable solution how to remove PIN code for your SIM! If you do not remember the code or, say, you have found a SIM card, you can unlock PIN number in two ways: If you know

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Install Cydia Without Jailbreak – iNerd’s Edition 1.0.3

UPDATE: Both Windows and MAC versions are included in the download! Do you want to enjoy Cydia and many of its free programs? Maybe you do not want to “ruin” your iPhone by jailbreaking it, it is locked or simply

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Remove RAR Password – Ignore Pass 0.47

If you download many files from the internet, you probably face .rar format usually. It is good while the file does not have any password. However, sometimes it does. And more than often you forget to mark it down somewhere

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Shutterstock Free Downloads – Shutterstock PD v2

I used to earn my living from web and banner designing. Needless to say, there were countless situations where I needed a stock image for some of my works. And it is not a secret that they cost an arm

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Is Your Phone Unlocked? – Isunlock LITE

Imagine you just bought a new iPhone. One of the first questions that usually come to the mind is “is my iphone unlocked?”. And sometimes it is the same with other phones, for example Android. Many services which check for

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