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Updated and tested, Feb 21, 2024

mp3 from spotify

We have already shown you how to download mp3 from iTunes. Now it is time for Spotify. If you already have Spotify installed (does not matter if it is free or premium version) you can do it in a couple of seconds! Just copy the link of the song you want to save and you will receive an mp3 file!

P.S. I know there was another program called Downloadify (while this one is called Dldify). That one was a browser extension and it does not work anymore while this one is standalone and does its job perfectly. The program does not need to update because it downloads the mp3 through its servers anyway!


1. Copy the link of the Spotify song (from browser player or app):

dldify 1

2. Paste the song ID into Dldify:


3. Click download. Wait until it finishes and open the destination folder for your song (you can change it):

dldify 3

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8 comments on “Download Free mp3 From Spotify – Dldify
  1. 5ex says:

    this is amazing!

  2. midday says:

    If only I knew this earlier… Free music for life :P

  3. DOE says:

    My brother recommended this program for downloading mp3s from spotify. At firts I didnt believe but damn this works well! Ty for this upload :)

  4. MEEDAYA says:

    I have just downloaded a couple of songs and I must say that I like this simple tool a lot

  5. PussNBoots says:

    Next version could have bulk download function then it would be perfect!

  6. Nesto says:

    Great program for free music :)

  7. Nemooas says:

    I used to buy Spotify premium just to get offline songs but I still could listen only on the same Spotify app. for me it is somehow laggy so I prefer good old mp3s. Thank you :)

  8. CoolestCat says:

    COOL! Very straightforward video and very easy to download the music. Btw, just a small tip: you can also use spotify web player to copy the song IDs so you won’t need to download and insall the Spotify app.

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