Download Free Music From iTunes – HaveTune 0.9

Updated and tested, Jul 8, 2024

Free music download from itunes

This is the most straightforward and useful program I have seen in quite a while. In just one click you can get a free mp3 file of any song that is on iTunes. All you need to do is go to iTunes (through the program or online) and copy the link to the song’s page. Everything else is done by HaveTune: just paste the link and your song will be downloaded to your computer. Then you can use it wherever you want!


1. Copy the link of the itunes song (from browser or itunes app):


2. Paste into HaveTune:


3. Click “GET TUNE”, wait and open the folder with your song downloaded:



Update: we are also offering a new giveaway where you can get a free $50 iTunes gift card! Check it out!

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16 comments on “Download Free Music From iTunes – HaveTune 0.9
  1. pascher says:

    Thank you, ti works!!!!

  2. KIThead says:

    Saved as a favorite, I love your soft! But really, do you have something for beatport coming as well?

  3. Alfred0 says:

    it still works!

  4. small says:

    This is massive!

  5. cheapsk8 says:

    we only need the same thing for beatport and it would be perfect

  6. MK CRZ says:


  7. chz says:

    fast and easy :) thanks for this :P

  8. Yusuf says:

    I’ve downloaded several songs already! Amazing! Gonna use it everyday!

  9. Mitchell89 says:

    I didnt think it is true but it is! recommend!

  10. IFAN says:

    This is so cool! Thanks for this tool I will download tons of music now!

  11. maillo says:

    Great, thanks for sharing this method of downloading! My friend knew hot to download mp3s but I forgot what he teached me. Now I can enjoy free music again :)

  12. snoop says:

    I tried multiple methods of downloading songs from iTunes and only this one seems to work :)

  13. Palmer says:

    I didnt think it was gonna work and I almost deleted for the first time since it did not open but after restarting the PC it works like a charm! Come here free music! :D

  14. powerfish says:

    Incredible how easy it is! I used to google for ages to find free new songs! Thank you!

  15. horse says:


  16. PROducer says:

    wow, a new download! gonna try this out right now!

6 Pings/Trackbacks for "Download Free Music From iTunes – HaveTune 0.9"
  1. Mary says:

    and I only find this now… this is such a gem!

  2. maid says:

    The program is getting popular! I showed it to my friend and he said he already uses it to download tunes for like a month now!

  3. iwearmyshades says:

    This is what I call quality! Nice tutorial video and the best is that the program actually downloads free mp3s :)

  4. bOOka says:

    What can I say, you always surprise me so this time will write a comment :P I download virtually all programs you post and this is not an exception!

  5. GunzUP says:

    First to comment :P Nice program!

  6. xanto says:

    Thank you for this and for clear instructions

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